Theft Statistics

* Vehicle crime costs £3 billion per year.

* 2 million vehicle related thefts reported each year.

* Over 3000 caravans are stolen every year.

* Less than 10% of Plant Equipment is ever recovered

* 85% of stolen HGVs are never recovered.

Scorpion Tracking systems can be fitted to cars, motorhomes, commercial Vehicles

With our range of stolen vehicle recovery systems, Scorpion has the perfect solution for you and your vehicle.

Scorpion Thatcham approved Tracking systems

The Tracker is covertly installed on the vehicle and does not require any involvement from the owner. You would use the vehicle as normal. If the vehicle is stolen, you would obtain an incident/crime number from your local Police and pass this to the 24hr Scorpion Secure Operating Centre.

Scorpion will then establish the location of the stolen vehicle using satellite based GPS technology and liaise with the Police, security and recovery services. We will provide regular location updates as necessary until your asset is located and recovered.

You will be contacted if the vehicle is moved without ignition i.e. illegal towing of the vehicle.

Or if the battery has been disconnected or battery voltage getting low.

S7 Tracker for meduim risk vehicles

S5 Tracker with driver identity card ( gives tracker authoristaion not to contact theft centre ) if with the owner / Driver for high risk vehicles

Scorpion Subscription
You can choose to pay your subscription either annually or duration of ownership payment.
Annual Payment – £139/£155
Duration Payment – 12 Months
Tracker prices on application 07774446402